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For many years we have delivered specialist medical accountancy services to GPs, Dentists, Medical Consultants and Opticians.

We are here to help you and your practice achieve the best results and reach full financial potential, whilst navigating complex practice arrangements. We have the answers to the business questions you didn’t know you needed to ask and we tell it how it is.

As one of the largest providers of business, tax and accounting advice in Wales, you can trust that we will look after all your business affairs, now and in the future.

We are members of AISMA (Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants).

We have over 40 years experience as specialist healthcare accountants

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We offer...

  • Bespoke Medical Practice Year end accounts with statistics and benchmarking
  • Bookkeeping
  • Advice on which bookkeeping system to use and why
  • Help with setting up bookkeeping systems
  • NHS pension Tax compliance and planning
  • Annual pension profit certificates
  • Estimates of pensionable earnings forms
  • Advice on how to do things tax effectively
  • Calculating the tax for the business
  • Tax planning and tax advice
  • Company annual compliance statements
  • Raising money
  • Preparing budgets/forecasts for use in trading and to raise money
  • Advice if you are a locum
  • Set up of the business entity
  • Advice on how to run the business
  • How to buy and sell a dental practice
  • Help and advice on aims and goals
  • HR, a full help and advice service
  • Advice on GP practice partnership changes and mergers
  • Payroll processing and advice
  • Guidance on your businesses Auto-enrolment Obligation
  • Support and assistance with CIS compliance


A: Visit for information on the various methods of payment.
A: You should always ask us to check your PAYE code because HMRC get so many of these wrong, sometimes leaving people with large tax bills at the end of the year.
A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. Salary must be reported to HMRC through an appropriate PAYE scheme to comply with RTI (real-time information) legislation. Contact our team today to discuss how you can extract the most tax-efficient remuneration.
A: We assist many practices in this area. As drawings are an anticipation of the profits that a business generates, we prepare calculations to help you see the potential funds available, taking into account tax and superannuation. We hold discussions with the practice managers regarding any potential changes within a practice over the coming year to be able to make these calculations and to advise the partners accordingly.
A: Most healthcare professionals are members of the NHS pension scheme. This is a defined benefit scheme and members will benefit from the advice professionals with specialist knowledge of the scheme. We assist many clients in this complex area. We believe NHS members need to be taking regular advice and be mindful of their pension position each year, to ensure that this potential liability is properly calculated and options explored.
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