Xeinadin Group

Graham Paul became part of the Xeinadin Group in October 2022.

Graham Paul continue as an independent accountancy practice and the services our staff deliver continue unchanged. Being part of a national group means that we are able to offer you access to a broader range of expertise and services and we are able to offer our staff increased opportunity for personal development.

Xeinadin is a group of business advisory and accountancy practices in over 100 locations across the UK and Ireland that provides over 40 service lines to over 50,000 clients, predominantly small and medium sized businesses and their owner-managers. It was formed through a merger of the offices in 2019 and is now structured into 12 regional hubs and was recently invested in by Exponent Private Equity.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about what Xeinadin has to offer, please do feel free to call one of the directors on 01656 679800 or visit https://xeinadin.com/about-us/ to find out more about the Group.

The UK200Group was formed in 1986 - the UK's leading association of independent chartered accountants and law firms, with connections around the world.

Its aim is to help members and their clients 'build better together'. To achieve this, we support members in a number of ways, to help them provide a better service for their clients.

Today, the association brings together around 150 member offices in the UK, with more than 500 partners who serve roughly 150,000 business clients. With international links in nearly 70 countries, it gives members access to expertise across the globe.

An association built upon quality, we are proud of our governance and we ensure that we keep our performance under constant review.

International reach

While members are all UK-based, their clients' businesses are increasingly involved in all aspects of international trade.

Supporting International Business:
UK200Group has international links in nearly 70 countries through our International Associates and membership of IAPA. This means members can access expertise across the globe to support their clients.

The international panel provides a platform for our member firms to develop and refine their skills and knowledge.

The need for reliable international business advice:

The international marketplace offers real opportunities, but also brings risks and challenges. That's why it is crucial for businesses to have the right information to inform their business decisions and activities.

Member firms can provide the specialist knowledge and expertise needed to support and guide businesses through the challenges of international trade which can be delivered, locally, nationally and internationally.

Graham Paul is proud to be regulated by the premier accounting association in the UK. The brand stands for itself, demonstrating that all member firms achieve a consistent level of technical competence and demonstrate a high degree of business integrity.

In short, a firm of Chartered Accountants will deliver a professional service that is at the cutting edge of legislation and technology.

AISMA accountants currently advise in the order of 12,000 GPs in 3000 practices, as well as salaried GPs, locums, specialists and consultants.

To qualify as an AISMA accountant, members must meet demanding requirements set by the Association. These include regular peer reviews to ensure standards continue to be upheld. As a result, AISMA accountants are among the best advisors on the accounting, finance, taxation, practice management and pension issues affecting doctors today.

For doctors seeking to grasp the opportunities arising from the new era of healthcare commissioning, AISMA accountants provide expert advice on funding, financial modeling, contract documentation and negotiations with the CCG.

By pooling statistical data from medical practices across the UK and continually sharing and exchanging expertise and knowledge, AISMA accountants have unrivalled financial intelligence on what makes the most profitable, well-managed medical practice.

AISMA accountants are attuned to the constant changes faced by the medical profession and are a reliable source of information and advice on the impact of government legislation and policy decisions made locally by primary care and acute trusts.

By choosing a NASDAL member as a professional advisor, you gain access to a pool of expertise.

For example, the association collects information annually to benchmark the profit and loss accounts of dentists in practice. These statistics are used to help our clients benchmark their own business performance. In addition, the quarterly goodwill survey helps dentists and other professionals keep up to date with practice values.

We also have guidance on getting started in self-employment and buying and selling practices. The interests of our clients are protected by the NASDAL charter.

Every year, members pool information from their clients' accounts. This is done anonymously, without names or any identifying factors, so that NASDAL members can build an average profile. This survey produces benchmarking statistics to help NASDAL members provide the best possible advice to their clients.

Since 2008, the association has gathered, on an anonymous basis, quarterly goodwill data of practices that have been sold or acquired by members’ clients across the whole of the UK. This data enables NASDAL members to be aware of up-to-date goodwill values for NHS private and mixed practices.

We have become Gold Xero parters to support our clients who use the accounting software.

The software allows you to:

  • Run your business from anywhere
  • Create a better cashflow
  • Protect your data
  • Understand real-time cash position

Being Xero partners means having access to the software, education and marketing support that enables us to collaborate with you, our clients. We can better understand your financial position and ultimately pass on the value.