Tax compliance

In reality, years of government dabbling have left the UK with one of the most complex tax regimes in the world!

If you are in business, we will review your business and personal tax liabilities as a whole, providing you with tax planning to minimise your tax burden.

If you are not a business owner or no longer own a business, our focus is on maximising your family and personal wealth.

We will ensure that your tax affairs are up-to-date and you fully understand what you are paying. Our aim is to tell you what you don’t know and ensure that you are getting the right result.

Let Graham Paul take some of the worry out of taxes for you, your business or your family.

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You Are Entitled To Arrange Your Affairs To Pay The Absolute Legal Minimum Amount Of Tax

“Who said Tax doesn't have to be taxing”

  • PAYE Returns
  • Personal Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Non-Residence
  • Tax Disputes
  • Tax Enquiries and Investigations
  • Tax Investigation Fee Protection
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Returns and Self-Assessment
  • P11d Compliance
  • Contractors and IR35
  • Employee Remuneration Planning
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Lawyers SRA and Taxation

Our services include...

We handle and file Tax Returns for:

  • Individuals and Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts

All backup records are retained for the appropriate period of time.

We can also assist you with:

  • Advice on your tax liabilities
  • Identifying suitable tax planning opportunities;
  • Completing all the necessary tax computations
  • Dealing with all correspondence from HMRC, taking the worry away from you

We can help you with

  • Calculating and then filing your companys tax return under the IXBrl regime
  • Calculating your capital allowances
  • We will tell you the amount of tax you have to pay and when to pay it

If there is anything we can do to save you some tax then we will discuss this with you when we do your computation

You may well come under enquiry by HMRC, through no fault of your own or of your accountant. HMRC now investigates businesses at random as well as for specific reasons. A full investigation is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Without expert defence, it is possible to get trampled all over.

If you are selected at random, you need an accountant who knows how HMRC works and thinks and is prepared to fight your case. We make sure that the taxman keeps to his own internal guidelines and doesn’t overstep the mark. We will talk you through the enquiry process and what to expect and support you throughout.

There are various penalties HMRC can seek to impose following an enquiry for undeclared income. As well as having to pay the tax, you can find them seeking penalties up to an amount equal to the tax, doubling your tax bill. Interest on the late payment of the tax is also part of the arrangement - not a pleasant experience. We can help you minimise these penalties.


A: You will receive a £100 penalty and also a very expensive vet bill!
A: No, you should ensure payment is with them by the due date, otherwise interest will be charged.
A: All of your taxable income needs to be included even if it doesn’t end up affecting your tax position for the year.
A: No, if you are UK resident and domiciled here, you’re taxable upon your worldwide income.
A: Rental needs to be calculated because even if your mortgage payments match the income, they are not necessarily allowable for tax relief.
A: Visit for information on the various methods of payment.
A: You should always ask us to check your PAYE code because HMRC get so many of these wrong, sometimes leaving people with large tax bills at the end of the year.
A: No, you can register now and as long as you meet the relevant criteria you can claim as far back as 2015/16 to receive a tax refund.
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